Fun Stuff

Fun Stuff

Here’s an amazing video of a guy pulling a wheelie on a racing bike. I know this isn’t a trailbike, but it’s just so outrageous I had to post it.

I don’t know how accurate these numbers are, but I suspect they are pretty close…

Hospital Emergency Room people and Doctors are the first to tell everyone how dangerous motorcycles are. The next time you hear this kind of mindless yapping, throw these stats into the conversation.

Number of physicians in the U.S. – 700,000
Accidental deaths caused per year – 98,000
Accidental deaths per Doctor – 0.14
One out of every 7.14 doctors caused an accidental death.

Number of motorcycles in the U.S. – 4,000,000
Accidental deaths per year – 2,000
Accidental deaths per bike – 0.0005
One rider was killed out of every 2,000 bikes.

Therefore, doctors are approximately 280 times more dangerous than motorcycles!