Sacramento Chapter Outings in 2019


Dates Location
Jan. 18-21 (MLK Birthday)

Spangler Hills (Charlie's Place)

February 28 - March 3 Spangler Hills (Stevens Mine Rd.)
March 16-17 Middle Creek
April 13-14 Georgetown (Bald Mountain)
May 3-6 Middlegate (non-TBSA outing)
May 17-18 (not Mem.Day) Moon Rocks
June 8-9 Chalk Bluff (Burlington Ridge)
Aug.31- Sep.2 (Labor Day) Sweetwater Summit
Sept. 27-30 Middlegate (non-TBSA outing)
October 19-20 Pinenut Rd. (Fairgrounds)
November 2-3 Foresthill (Sugarpine)
November 16-17 Georgetown (Bald Mountain)
December 7 Christmas Party

Click the links above for information & directions to the campsite.

To our Visitors and Members:

Occasionally "alternate" locations will be used when the primary outing location is a long drive away or may be made unreachable because of weather.  If you are planning to drop by a particular outing and you want to know if we're really going to be there, please Contact a club officer to be sure.