Taken from the November 2018 Newsletter - Part B


TBSA decided to schedule a Saturday day ride, staging at the Sugar Pine OHV staging area. According to the directions in the Evite, the riders were to meet at the staging area around 9 AM with kickstands up at 10 AM. Unfortunately these directions were not followed, resulting in one rider left behind. The two rides started out prior to 10 AM with Larry & Chas in one group and Terry Ash, Bruce Johnk, Bill T. & son William in the other group. Nobody waited until 10 AM. Fortunately the missing rider, i.e. Keith, was able to find the larger group out on the trail.

Larry and Chas had a good, for the most part, albeit short ride covering trails 1, 2, first part of 5 then taking Elliot Ranch Road then pavement over to the 3 loops. After riding most of the 3 loops, the two riders decided to go back to the staging area to check for any missing riders and therefore followed a sign indicating Staging Area. Unfortunately the trail had several steep rocky sections and Chas forged ahead with Larry following, back to the staging area. Chas found no one waiting at the staging area. Chas waited for Larry for about 20 minutes and when he didnít show up, went back to check on him. Chas didnít find Larry but ran across the other TBSA group including Keith. The group of five said the they were having a great although dusty ride. When Chas got back to the staging area he found a very peeved Larry loaded up and ready to leave for home. P.S. I (Chas) take full responsibility for these oversights and profusely apologize to both Keith and Larry. There is no excuse for these types of actions.


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