Taken from the July 2018 Newsletter


TBSA had two great rides on Friday and Saturday. The weather was mild and the riding conditions were just about perfect. Those of you who have ridden here in the past know what you missed; those of you haven’t been here yet will in the future really enjoy the wide variety of terrain available.

On Friday, Larry, Chas and Reno George took a fairly rugged 57-mile ride that trekked over the Dogskin Mountain Range and eventually into Winnemucca Valley, then making a big loop around the northwest end of the Dogskin Mountains and into the Sandhill Recreation Area for some superlative single-track. Unfortunately Larry’s KTM lost battery power to the electric start and more importantly to the cooling fan. The engine would still kick start but, without the fan, the coolant overheated in the steeper, slower sections, forcing Larry to head back to camp. Bummer!

Larry and Chas took a nice more leisure 25-mile ride on Saturday where they enjoyed the riding and views of the varied flora and fauna, especially the group of wild pronghorn “antelope”.



While the temps were 100+ in Sacramento, those of us at Chalk Bluff enjoyed mild daytime mid-70 temps at the 5,400-foot elevation. TBSA had a total turnout of four riders, which is the smallest for Chalk Bluff in recent memory. WOW!! The rides this time omitted the main tight twisty single-track for which this area is best known and instead concentrated on some of the more peripheral regions.

Paul, Larry, with Chas leading rode a fulfilling 66-mile ride on Friday. The ride included a wide variety of terrain including power lines (many trails some of which were new to us), two-track, and dirt roads with the lunch stop at the “broken bridge’’ on Steep Hollow Creek.

Paul, Chas, and Bill T. decided to try a dual sport type ride on Saturday with Malakoff Diggins as the main destination. Chas led the 54-mile ride since, at least in theory, he was familiar with the route. The ride was all dirt except while going through the quaint town of Washington and short stretches of Hwy 20. Overall Chas did a great job except for one missed turn midway in the ride.


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