Taken from the May 2018 Newsletter

The (Other) Georgetown Outing Photos:  by Chas Moser

Larry and Chas decided to do a Georgetown day ride on Sunday 4/29/18. We staged at Mace Mill at 9 am. The trails were in perfect condition with very little dust. The weather was mild and a little on the cool side and was overcast for a good part of the day. The total ride was about 35 miles riding mostly trails along Darling Ridge down to the new bridge over the Deep Water Crossing for lunch. Along the trail we met up with Jan riding a very nice original Honda XR600 who decided to join us. We actually asked Jan to join us since he really knew the trails in this area very well plus he was really an excellent rider. The ride was very enjoyable and relaxing for the most part with only a couple of moderately ‘challenging’ sections. It has been way too long between rides as my last ride was at Spangler Hills way back in early February!




Report from Middlegate Gathering:  by Nevin Nyswonger

I did not bring my small camera and missed a great pictures of wild flowers. The whole valley was covered. More than I have ever seen in this area.  The riding was good, but had more connecting roads that I like.  Thursday Ride - Pipeline, Berlin,Union Canyon, Bonita Canyon, Gold Park, Skull Canyon.  Friday Ride - Edwards Creek to Smith Creek & Skull Canyon.  Saturday Ride - Roller Coaster Hills, Fairview Pk, Quartz Mt., Gabbs, Ione, Yomba, Bonita Canyon, Gold Park, Skull Canyon.

(Ed:  The aerial photo of the whole of Middlegate Station was taken by Nevin's friend Tommy through his drone - how cool!)


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