Taken from the March 2018 Newsletter

Recent Outing Report: by Vicki Hepler

Since Chas was not at the February outing (Fouts, changed to Middle Creek) and the March outing (Middle Creek) was cancelled, there are no official outing reports. However, I will report that when the Heplers and Baumgarts arrived at the Middle Creek Campground, we discovered the DiMattia family already set up there. They were in their new toy-hauler trailer and were in the process of learning how many post-ride showers could be taken before the freshwater tank was empty. The campground water was turned off overnight due to the chance of frozen pipes, but when it came back on Robert decided to refill their tank from the nearby spigot, a task accomplished with the help of a device from Robin and a lot of splashing. After Robin and Keith joined the DiMattia guys for a joint ride (and some catch-up visiting by the women), they departed for their Valley Springs “summer home.” We reminded them that to keep an eye on the schedule on the website as they are always welcome at any TBSA outing. Good to see them! Early Saturday morning Terry Ash arrived with three friends and Keith and Robin rode off with them; our guys returned after only a few hours since Keith’s KTM had spun a bearing inside the cases, ending his riding season. Anyone want to buy a parts bike?!


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