Taken from the November 2017 Newsletter

PINENUTS OUTING REPORT:  by Chas Moser and Keith Hepler

It was collectively decided to stage at the Gardnerville Fairgrounds rather than at the end of Johnson Lane and it all worked out for the best. TBSA members in attendance were Robin & Glenda, Keith & Vicki, Larry & Karin, and Chas. On Saturday we were joined by newcomers Dave and Sara from Shingle Springs. The weather was perfect Ė cool in the mornings and jersey-tolerable in the afternoons.

On Friday Robin, Keith, Larry and Chas took a 47-mile exploratory ride, primarily east of the fairgrounds, looking for some new single-track trails. The ride was quite productive and mostly new to us. We hit the upper part of the Ricky Canyon jeep road, which we have taken from Smith Valley. From here we rode over to the upper part of Red Canyon Road, which we also have taken from Smith Valley. Although we did not see it, we rode right by Slaterís Cabin then made a big loop, finally ending up on Pine Nut Road then back to the fairgrounds. We did find quite a bit of single-track -- all in all a good ride.

On Saturday we were joined by Dave and Sara, whose rides were a Honda CR250 two-stroke and a Honda XR230 four-stroke, respectively. Unbeknownst to us, Dave was very familiar with the Pine Nut riding area. Dave and Sara led Larry and Chas on an unbelievably good ride on Saturday. The ride was largely on single-track and covered a lot of territory, mostly east and northeast of the fairgrounds. One of the best trails was in the burnt-out area that we rode through on a jeep road on Friday. Saturday evening we all went into town, courtesy of Robinís and Larryís pickup trucks, and enjoyed a nice dinner at the Carson Valley Inn.

Robin and Keith did not make the Saturday ride because they were saving up for a long ride on Sunday with Terry Ash and his friend Doug, who pulled in Sunday morning after a Saturday ride with Bayside in the Smith Valley area.

FROM Keith:    After riding Friday, Robin and I took Saturday off to wait for Terry Ash and fellow rider Doug for a ride on Sunday. Terry had been over by the Carson River with a large group from the Bayside Church riding on Saturday and wanted to join us to see the riding where we were on Sunday. So off we went, taking trails that were shown to us the first time we ever staged at the fairgrounds -- 40 miles of almost all single-track that feels more primitive than overused whooped ground. It was our intent to do some new-to-us trails south of camp, but time compelled us to return and get on the road home. We had a great ride, no incidents, challenging in parts, and got lost only a little thanks to Robinís superior topographical memory.

PINENUTS PHOTOS:  by Chas, Sara, Terry, Vicki







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