Taken from the September 2017 Newsletter - Part A


We enjoyed a surprisingly good outing with only one small dust devil and a little bit of haze. The smoke from the several fires in the vicinity was not really a bother at all. While Sacramento suffered from extremely hot weather, the temperatures at the 7,000-foot campsite only hit the mid-80's, which was at least tolerable. The TBSA turn-out was smaller than usual with only eight rigs and 17 people. Folks started arriving on Wednesday. Bill T was kind enough to excavate and repair the entrance road to make it more navigable for RV's. By Thursday morning, due to the fires, Hwy 395 was closed south of Topaz Junction with the traffic being diverted onto 208 through Wellington then south on 338 to Bridgeport!

The riding was as good as ever with perhaps a little more dust than usual. Unfortunately Chas was only able to make one ride. Larry and Chas did a 53-mile exploratory ride on Friday, going through Nye Canyon to Sand Canyon, making a big loop through the outskirts of the historic town of Rockland - somehow missing the actual Rockland Mine site. The two had lunch at historic Pine Grove. On the way back to camp, Chasí Beta suffered a mishap with a very large hidden rock very close to the trail. The rock hit the expansion chamber with enough force to stop the Beta dead in its tracks. Other than the bashed-in expansion chamber, the Beta was apparently none the worse for wear and ran just fine. Back at camp, Chas serviced the Beta then put it to bed in the Sprinter van. The next morning when Chas was getting ready for the Saturday ride, he noticed a coolant leak in the Beta that was not trail-side repairable. Shades of the Tevis Cup trail ride last month. The expansion chamber had pushed back far enough to destroy the lower right side radiator hose and also melt one of the carb vent hoses. Also on Friday, Bill T. led Robin, Eric, Paul, and Keith on a more aggressive "hot shoe" ride.

On Saturday, with Chas remaining in camp, Bill T. led Kristin & Billy, Dean & Cole, Paul, Keith, and Larry on a 42-mile "family" ride to Mount Patterson, and Bill H. led Robin, Eric, and Lionel Hall on a 62-mile "hot shoe" ride which included the technical downhill trail at the microwave towers down to the "waterfall", etc. It took a while to get Kristin's KTM 350 running on Saturday morning as somebody had left the ignition key turned on for several days resulting in a dead battery. Unlike most carbed bikes, fuel-injected bikes require at least some battery power to get started. After some time, the bike finally responded to jump-starting. The Saturday evening potluck was enjoyed by all with a surprisingly diverse choice of really good food dishes, salads, and desserts. Naturally everyone insisted that Chas be the first in line for the potluck! There was also at least one ride going out on Sunday (Editor: but Chas left for home).  (Editor: See next page for "the bee story")

SWEETWATER PHOTOS:   by Chas Moser, Bill Heinemann, Vicki Hepler




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