Taken from the June 2017 Newsletter - Part A


TBSA was fortunate to have two local riders who live in the area show us some new routes here. Bob and Wayne actually rode their bikes in to join Robin, Eric, Keith, Larry, Chas, and George Smith for the Friday ride. Bob and Wayne led the group on a super 56-mile ride which covered many of the highlights and best riding in the area. The riding conditions were perfect with cool weather and little or no dust, with most of the snow gone even near the top of the Dogskin Mountain range. We had lunch at a cool shaded area that even included a small temporary stream. Nearby we came across an ephemeral temporary lake.

The Saturday rides split into two groups, with Larry and Chas on one ride and everybody remaining on the other ride. Larry and Chas started off their 46-mile ride with some of the really nice trails in the Sand Hills Recreation area and ran across a fairly large contingent of RVís apparently out in the middle of nowhere! We made a big loop though the Sand Hills ending up back on the main road. Several years ago we found some very nice trails that went around some private property north of the main road. Larry and Chas decided to explore this area further and eventually found a new-to-them route that zig-zagged up to the top of the Dogskin Mountain range and intersected with the single-track along the top of the ridge. (ED. NOTE: On Saturday evening the Mason drove the Heplers south on Highway 395 where they found a casino with a great cafe for dinner. Consequently, on Sunday morning Larry discovered that his truck was short enough fuel to get him out to the nearest gas station. Robin produced a homemade siphon device, which allowed Keith to provide Larry with diesel to make it to the Sparks truck stop next to I-80; see the photo)





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