Taken from the March 2017 Newsletter


The January 2017 Spangler Hills outing was sparsely attended with only Robin & Glenda, Larry & Karin and Chas showing up. The 7-1/2 hour trip from Sacramento to the staging site at Steven's Mine Road was uneventful except that it rained on and off during the entire time. The rain stopped Thursday evening. Friday morning Larry and Chas took a chance and took a short but enjoyable 20-mile ride before the weather changed. The high daytime temperature on Friday was only 48 degrees, and therefore quite chilly. Friday evening Larry volunteered to take all five of us in to Ridgecrest for a wonderful dinner at his favorite Japanese restaurant.

After the Baumgarts heard about their unfortunate home break-in, they left for home Saturday morning. The good weather held out through Sunday and thankfully also warmed up considerably. Larry and Chas rode a super 40-mile ride on Saturday. which included Charlie's Place, then northwest towards the large microwave dome, and finally portions of the Rand OHV area. Saturday evening the remaining three had another super dinner in Ridgecrest, at a Mexican restaurant.

On Sunday Larry and Chas had another great 36-mile ride, including the Sand Hills and surrounding area, with lots of hill-climbs and sand washes, some nice single-track, and not too many whoops. Chas didn't have to worry about his dust phobia on this outing due to the almost complete absence of dust!!


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