Taken from the January 2017 Newsletter - Part A

Photos from the Christmas Party: by Vicki Hepler

My apologies that some of the photos are a little blurry - I acknowlege that, even when set in “sports” mode, my old Sony point-and-shoot doesn’t always do a great job, but I can’t convince myself to get a new one since nowadays most pix are captured via the smartphone. But these will serve to refresh your memory of fun times with good friends.  After a great lunch and lots of conversation, we had our traditional (anonymous) White Elephant gift exchange.


It’s good to catch up with each other

Old friends are happy to be together again

Glenda shows off the blankets she’s made on her “fancy” sewing machine

Ernesto is our excellent waiter again this year

White elephant gifts fill the table

Robin is first and he gets a drummer boy, then the gift Keith draws is several Pez dispensers but there's no picture

Bob picks his gift from the group of pretty bags

 He gets a reindeer

Linda chooses a handy-looking bag

And she gets a Perfect Pet, Polly Parakeet

Jan steals the drummer boy from Robin, then he picks a night light

Mike can’t identify his gift

So he asks the crowd

Ralph explains that it’s a metal break for his vice

Sandy steals the night light from Robin

Then he picks a little candle holder

Jerry gets a bag of coal?  (I don’t remember what was really in the bag, but if someone else does, please let me know!)

 Chas picks the gift that comes in multiple boxes

Although he has trouble opening the first box

It’s a beautiful glass candlestick

The second box holds a slightly taller matching candlestick

Chas is pleased to realize there are three candlesticks

Jan chooses one of the pretty blue stockings

She discovers a unique writing pen made by Jerry Stober

Jackie picks a snowman doll (or is it a voodoo doll?)

Ron surveys the choice of gift bags

 And then picks the other blue stocking, containing another pen created by Jerry Stober

The card explains how this wonderful “Jerry” pen was made

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