Taken from the November 2016 Newsletter


Thanks a lot TBSA. Once again I was the only one in attendance for a scheduled outing (at the Gardnerville, NV Fairgrounds)! For what it’s worth, I rode on Friday and Saturday by myself. I rode 62 miles on Friday, mostly on two-track to get a better feel for the area. I did find a good place for RV staging out of Johnson Lane, if anybody is interested. Johnson Lane is closer to the epicenter of the best single-track riding compared to the fairgrounds. When no one else showed up by 10am Saturday at the fairgrounds, I decided to drive my rig over to Johnson Lane and stage in the new area for a day ride there. I rode 48 miles on Saturday, with lots of both single-track and two-track. Since I was out in the middle of nowhere by myself, I chose not to ride the really “technical” single-track. Reflecting at my leisure lunch stop, I thought to myself, “this is the life” and how fortunate I am to have these opportunities and be able to be enjoy this so much at my stage in life. As you may or may not be aware, the trail riding in the Pine Nuts is truly spectacular. The weather was great, hitting the low 70’s during the heat of the day. The trails were moist with no dust and there was no mud like the fiasco we had last year. I am somewhat perplexed why nobody else showed up for the outing. Gardnerville is closer to Sacramento than many of our other riding areas, plus I really appreciate the absence of an organized trail system like Fouts Springs, Georgetown and Foresthill with their numbered trails. In the Pine Nuts, trails are where you find them.



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