Taken from the October 2016 Newsletter


This biannual outing staged at the old Middlegate Station is an event that should not be missed if at all possible. This outing met all expectations. The weather was variable but very decent for the most part with a few scattered showers here and there. The temperatures were fairly mild but a little on the cool side on Friday. There was a conservative estimate of 25+ riders over the four-day outing. TBSA riders included Robin, Chas, and Nevin. TBSA rode in smaller groups of two to six riders.

Chas dutifully attended the TBSA meeting Wednesday evening and therefore didnít arrive to the Middlegate Station until 9:30 am on Thursday. That afternoon Chas and Nevin took a very fun 27-mile loop between the Middlegate Station and Fairview Peak. The ride was a good warmup ride, mostly on gnarly two-track with some single-track and sand washes thrown in. Nevin went out of his way to find the steepest, nastiest, rockiest uphills and downhills that he could find.

The 105-mile ride on Friday with Robin, Chas, Nevin, Tom (from the Tahoe area), and Richard Van Der Meeden was a super ride fairly typical for the area. The ride included a good variety of terrain with lots of single-track, sand washes, and two-track with quite a few steep, shaley, rocky hills to climb. Chas was really in his element and rode with confidence on the Thursday and Friday rides and made all of the steepest hill climbs. The Saturday ride was different and had a different outcome.

The 85-mile ride on Saturday with Robin, Chas, Nevin, Rich, Tom, and Jeff started out with the very long, arduous, energy sapping power-line north of camp. After about eight miles the power-line crosses Hwy 50 near Cold Springs and continues on for several more miles where we eventually left the power-line heading in a generally westerly direction into the higher reaches of the Desatoya Mountain Range. Along the way the two-track turns into a very nice long single-track for quite a while then back to two-track climbing up higher and higher. At the higher elevations (8,500+ feet) Chas was unable to make two of the steepest, shaley, power-robbing hill-climbs. Bummer!! Chas with Rich in tow met up with the other riders via a round-about route. Chas is hopeful that the new high compression head (that he just installed on his Beta 300RR two-stroke after the outing) will add a little power boost during high elevation riding for future rides. He is the continual optimist.

The prime rib feed at Middlegate station Saturday evening turned out really great. Almost everyone had the succulent prime rib, although Chas opted for the fresh caught quick-frozen salmon steak which was superb as always. Most everyone left for home on Sunday.

 MIDDLEGATE PHOTOS:   by Chas Moser, Nevin Nyswonger


A short stretch of the very long, arduous, energy sapping power-line -


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