Taken from the July 2016 Newsletter

The TBSA turnout was pretty good this month with 12 people in seven rigs showing up, with day visits from Bill H., Keith & Vicki, Eric & Emily Baumgart and their two fast growing twins along with two or three dogs, plus a stop-by visit from Paul Spieth and friend who were currently on a “dual sport” ride. Paul has ridden with TBSA several times in the past at both Elkin’s Flat and Sweetwater during the late 90’s; Paul remembers riding with Chas on his super ‘96 Husaberg FE600e. Come to find out that Paul has been living in Loomis for the past ten years! Wow, small world. TBSA was also visited by a group of 13 well-equipped hikers walking through the campsite on the horse trail late Thursday morning. The weather was pretty mild all weekend, although the mosquitos got a little pesky in the evenings.

The riding, as usual, was excellent with the main rides leaving by 10:00 a.m. on both Friday and Saturday. Bill T. led Paul, Dan, Larry, Chas and Ron Steele on a super, almost 100% single-track ride on Friday. The primary “miscues” made on both Friday and Saturday can likely be attributed to Chas. Early on during the Saturday ride, after a vigorous single-track ride on the north side of Hwy 20, the group was taking a short break near the Skillman horse area when Chas noticed that his fanny pack was missing. Chas wasn’t positive whether the fanny pack was lost on the trail or left in his trailer, although he. along with almost everyone else. suspected the latter. Chas hightailed it five miles back to camp via Hwy 20 and was back at Skillman’s within a short time, complete with the missing fanny pack containing his wallet and most importantly his lunch. After a healthy dose of winding single-track, everybody eventually made it back to camp. Bill, Paul and Dan decided to continue on north to look for the old “Eagle Bird Trail” which is marked on some maps and on Chas’ GPS. Chas found the trailhead some years back but found the trail to be impassable. Last year the trail was finally cleared out and we were able to reach the Yuba River from the south side. The riders, after a lot of searching, finally located the trail and unfortunately found it to be marked with “no trespassing” signs and other obstructions. That evening, Larry & Karin drove Robin & Glenda and Ron & Roxanne in to the historic town of Washington for dinner in their new-to-them beautiful white Ford diesel pickup.

There were several rides on Saturday, with Bill H. joining in for the festivities. Bill T. led Bill H. and Dan on a quest to conquer the infamous XXX rated Doolittle Trail. This is the same trail that Chas unsuccessfully attempted several years ago, about which he still has nightmares. After several trials and tribulations, the trio successfully completed the trail and eventually worked their way over to Bowman Road. Chas led Paul and Larry on a much-less-stressful 58-mile mostly two-track endeavor. The ride started out with the fairly technical single-track paralleling Hwy 20 on the north side going west from camp. Chas planned to bypass the last most difficult section of the trail by taking an offshoot trail to the right. Chas, apparently due to his occasional tunnel vision, missed the offshoot trail and went sailing on by. He eventually realized his mistake and managed to turn his bike around on the narrow trail and headed back to find Paul and Larry. He went back and found the correct route but didn’t see the two riders. All three riders eventually hooked up at the intersection of Omega Road and Alpha Road. Chas apologizes for his second miscue. The riders continued on Alpha Road to Washington, then followed the Yuba River upstream for about five miles where the jeep road terminates at the long-ago washed-out bridge which crossed the Yuba River to join with the Eagle Bird Trail on the other side. The riders retraced their steps back to Washington. Larry rode back to camp to give his healing ankle a rest while Chas and Paul continued on following Gaston Road over to Bowman Lake for lunch, then took Bowman Road and Hwy 20 back to camp. The Saturday evening potluck went well and was enjoyed by all. Ron and Roxanne Steele graciously volunteered to barbecue the TBSA-provided tri-tip steaks.


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