Taken from the April 2016 Newsletter

Here at Middle Creek this weekend there certainly was tremendous potential for another great outing. What was not to like? Perfect weather with daytime temps in the low 70’s; miles and miles of super trails in close-to-pristine condition with almost zero dust; and really nice RV campsites in nice surroundings. Only three rigs showed up - namely the Baumgarts with Ruby, the Masons with Koko, and Chas by himself.

The 50-mile ride on Friday gave all three of the riders a good workout. These were mostly trail miles, some of which were fairly challenging. There were only a couple of minor mishaps, perhaps the worst of which led to Larry’s scraped elbow. Guess who left camp without his elbow guards. All in all, a good day, other than for the few minor mishaps.

Saturday’s 10:00 a.m. ride started out fine. Chas was having a little difficulty E-starting his new two-stroke, so he naturally resorted to the kick starter. Keep in mind that he is no longer used to kick- starting a bike after riding electric start bikes for the past 20 years. As bad luck would have it, Chas lost his balance momentarily while attempting to use the kick start. The bike started tipping over on its right side with Chas trying to stop it. At the point of impact with the asphalt, the right side end of the handlebar ended up crashing down onto Chas’ right hand. After several minutes, the pain and throbbing subsided; therefore Chas figured that he was all set to continue the ride. As the trio was leaving the campground, Chas wisely noted that his helmet strap was not affixed properly. He stopped momentarily so that the helmet issue could be addressed. Upon removal of his right glove and gazing at his hand, he almost fainted at the sight of his damaged middle finger. When Glenda saw the finger she immediately wrapped it and insisted on transporting Chas ASAP to the nearest hospital, which was fairly close by in neighboring Lakeport. Glenda, bless her heart, sat with Chas for six hours in the ER while the MD’s and PA’s attended to Chas’ finger. After Chas left for the hospital, Robin and Larry continued on with the original Saturday ride; however, not everything proceeded as planned. While descending a particularly steep hill, Larry took a fall which badly damaged his left ankle. By the time that Glenda and Chas arrived back in Middle Creek, Larry and Karin had already left for Sacramento with Larry driving! After arriving at the Sacramento hospital, it was discovered that the ankle was broken in three places with surgery planned the following day. Unfortunately Larry will be out of commission for four months.

Saturday evening actually ended on a very pleasant note at the local Indian Casino just out of Upper Lake, where the remaining three enjoyed wonderful prime rib dinners with all the trimmings.



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