Taken from the February 2016 Newsletter


TBSA riders certainly missed some outstanding weather and riding conditions at Spangler Hills over the MLK weekend.  The daytime temps reached the low 60's, perfect for riding, and the soil and sand were moist but not muddy at all with minimal dust.  TBSA staged on Stephen’s Mine Rd, Larry Mason’s favorite location.  The TBSA contingent included Larry, Karen and Chas.  Larry and Chas spent Friday and Sunday riding at Spangler Hills and surrounding areas.  Larry wanted to show Chas a new area, new to Chas that is.  The area is usually referred to as “Bean Canyon” and is located about 20 miles southeast of the town of Mojave.  So, early Saturday morning the two loaded bikes into Chas’ Sprinter van and departed for Bean Canyon.  The riding here is basically wide open and is similar to Spangler Hills in many respects but is more rugged in general and reaches much higher elevations.  In fact, the snow even limited some of our riding.  Larry was anxious to show Chas “Hannah’s Hill”, so named after hurricane Bob Hannah who grew up nearby.  Bob Hannah was a top ranking MX rider a few years back.  TBSA members may remember watching Hannah ride at Jawbone right out of the TBSA staging area.  Chas can still vividly remember watching Hannah on his Honda CR250 two-stroke climbing the steep hills and careening directly across rugged gullies, seemingly oblivious to any potential danger.  Anyway, we eventually reached the base of Hannah’s Hill, at which point one can turn around and look back down at Bean Canyon proper.  Chas took one quick look at the hill and exclaimed that there was no way that he would attempt that hill.  Without further ado, Larry charged up the hill and over the top on his KTM 540!  Chas mounted his new Beta 300RR two-stroke, picked the steepest line, and charged up the hill in like fashion, making it over the top in third gear.  Chas’ new ‘16 Beta 300RR is like a dream come true.  The new Beta steers and handles with great precision.  Chas was in his element in the super, winding sand washes.  In fact, during three days of riding, Chas did not up-end or drop his bike a single time!  Chas is indebted to Larry for the loan of his small Olympus camera as Chas had left Loomis believing that his camera was already in the trailer.  (Editor’s Note: Great photos by Chas and Larry!)



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