Taken from the January 2016 Newsletter - Part A

Christmas Party 2015:    by Vicki Hepler

As you know, the Christmas Party we had planned at Marie Callender’s was unexpectedly (and unpleasantly) cancelled by that restaurant at the last minute, but we were able to then book it at Coco’s Café (where we hold our bi-monthly meetings), just a parking lot away from Marie Callender’s. The real cause of the late-date cancellation is still unknown to us, but an informative letter of complaint has been forwarded to the corporate office of Marie Callender’s.

We are thankful that the staff at Coco’s was able to accommodate us on only 36 hours’ notice, and we were very pleased with the attentive service and great food we experienced so that we were still able to gather for our annual Christmas Party. Any time you are anywhere near Sunrise and Madison, PLEASE consider dropping by Coco’s Café and Bakery for a great meal, including the wonderful pies. And tell them you’re from TBSA and thank them for taking such good care of us at Christmas time!

2015 Christmas Party Photographs:  by Vicki Hepler (and Jan Higdon)

Apparently I need a new camera - sorry that so many of the pix are blurry. As has become our tradition, we shared in a White Elephant Gift Exchange.  In some of the photos, the gift is unidentifiable, and I don’t remember what everyone ended up with, but there were some interesting “steals”.


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