Taken from the November 2015 Newsletter


Even after a warning from Nevin that snow would drastically limit the trail riding in this area, TBSA decided to go ahead with the outing especially since Nevada Parks & Rec had graciously allowed TBSA to stage at the Gardnerville Fairground parking area.  The Pine Nut range is renowned for its superb single-track trails.  As fate would have it, snow was not the limiting factor, but gumbo mud certainly was.  Other than a few short rides at Middlegate, this was the maiden voyage for Chas' new Beta 300RR two-stroke.  For the first ride on Friday, we left the fairgrounds parking lot staging area at 10a.m., by which time the freezing nighttime temperatures had warmed up to a brisk 48 degrees.  Robin led Larry and Chas in an easterly direction.  At first everything went well, however, as we travelled up higher in the Pine Nut mountain range, the trail conditions rapidly deteriorated.  The trails became very slippery, eventually with way too much gumbo mud.  The gumbo mud made the trails essentially non-traversable.  After 28 miles, the trio called it a day.  Bill T., Kristin and Billy arrived later on Friday.  Larry and Chas decided not to ride on Saturday.  Robin volunteered to take the Thomas clan out for a 40-mile family ride on Saturday.  They rode in a more north-easterly direction than the ride Friday.  Robin was able to avoid the worst of the gumbo mud and actually found some new trails in the process.  They rode as far north as the power line.

PINE NUTS OUTING PHOTOS: by Chas Moser, Bill Heinemann, Vicki Hepler


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