Taken from the October 2015 Newsletter - Part A

These semi-annual outings at Middlegate are the largest attended by TBSA, typically with 30+ riders.   Only four TBSA members showed up this time, namely Robin, Keith, Chas and Nevin.  There, of course, were several rides going out every day.  The weather started out pretty warm with temps hitting the low 90's on Friday at the 4,500 foot elevation at the Middlegate Station.  It was a little cooler over the weekend and was downright cold up at the higher 9,000+ foot elevations.  The riding varies with quite a bit of nice twisty single-track, many miles of great two-track up in the mountains, plus fun sand washes.  The least fun part is the road riding across the valley floor to get to the choice riding areas in the mountain ranges.  The four TBSA members plus three others took a great 117-mile ride on Friday, which included a visit to the historic town of Ione.  There is not much going on in Ione; however, a remnant population of people do in fact still reside there.  Our riding group had another great 88-mile ride on Saturday, starting off with Keith’s and Chas’ recently discovered single-track.  Most of the remainder of the ride was spent searching for “new routes” and new riding locations.  We all enjoyed a good time at the Middlegate restaurant Saturday evening.  Unfortunately the proprietor neglected to order enough prime rib to go around, so most of us were out of luck.  In any case, many of us prefer the salmon steak anyway - the salmon steak was delicious.



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