Taken from the August 2015 Newsletter - Part A


Dan, Larry and Chas staged at the China Wall OHV staging area for a day ride. The original plan was to ride Loop 6 to the Western States Trail (WST) and take the WST towards Michigan Bluff, then take the Bake Oven trail, which branches off the WST before Michigan Bluff. The Bake Oven trail is not part of the WST and is rarely used. We got off to an early 9:00 a.m. start. The ride on Trail 5 over to Loop 6 was fun; however, Trail 6 turned out to be a veritable nightmare. We proceeded on Loop 6 in a clockwise direction. Note that Loop 6 has a black diamond rating.

We rarely have any trouble with this section of Trail 6, but we had our work cut out for us this time. According to Chas’ information, Loop 6 had recently been “revamped” with reroutes around some of the previous “trouble spots” so he figured that it would be a piece of cake this time. How wrong he was! The trail overall was in very poor condition -- loose in spots with many small trees still across the trail, with several ass-kicking steep loose climbs. It took us a long time to reach Devil’s Thumb which is at the intersection of Trail 6 and the WST. We learned that there was a large contingent of horse riders ahead of us near the Deadwood Cemetery heading west on the WST so the decision was made to curtail the ride at this point. We decided to simply take Deadwood Ridge Road to the Foresthill Divide Road then ride the pavement back to China Wall. After a well-deserved lunch break we took the Elliot Ranch two-track, then Trail 5 and Trail 2 down to the Sugar Pine OHV staging area to visit with TBSA members who were staged there. We found that the TBSA Sacramento members were still out on a ride. There were several TBSA members from the Diablo chapter also camping there. We gratefully accepted cold beers from one of the Diablo members. The Sacramento members arrived back to Sugar Pine a short time later. We were happy to greet Bill Thomas, Kristen and Billy, along with Dean Gilliam and son Cole, plus Keith.







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