Taken from the June 2015 Newsletter


TBSA was treated to three days of excellent riding, although the weather was highly variable. Larry and Chas took a short ride Thursday afternoon on mostly all single-track trails west of camp. It started to rain Thursday pm and continued raining very hard all night until about 10am Friday morning. The rain slowed to a drizzle at about 10:30am so we attempted to start a ride. Chas and George Smith, luckily for them, wore Gore-Tex jackets and pants while Robin, Eric, Dan, and Larry, unfortunately as it turned out, were stuck with non-waterproof apparel. It rained/drizzled all day and never got above 42 degrees Fahrenheit! We started out on the main dirt road from camp going west and managed to get in close to 40 miles, riding the nice single-track trails on both sides of the road. Needless to say only Chas and George managed to keep their bodies dry, although everybody ended up with wet feet and hands. Chas was very happy that his bike was equipped with heated grips.

The 40+ mile ride on Saturday turned out to be a super ride, one of the best ever. Chas led Robin, Eric, Dan and Larry over the Dogskin Mountain Range via a two-track that began about 4-1/2 miles west of camp. This jeep road eventually got pretty steep and muddy, with snow up near the crest. Chas, Robin and Eric made it to the top while Dan and Larry decided to turn back due to the lack of traction on the steeper sections. There was at least half a foot of snow at the top and therefore we decided to drop down into the valley on the other side. Unfortunately Chas wasnít able to take many pictures of the snow riding due to fact that he had his hands full navigating his bike through the snow. Once on the other side and out of the snow, the group took several roads in a westerly direction towards the west end of the Dogskins for perhaps a mile or so then took a road going back up to the crest. The snow again was pretty deep near the top but we all managed to slog our way through eventually finding a superb, long single-track that ultimately led to the westerly terminus of the Dogskins. From here we made a loop around to the main dirt road and rode some of the fantastic single-track in the Sand Hill Recreation Area. Chas was especially impressed with Ericís riding ability.

On a final note, Chas claimed that he hadnít worked up a sweat after three days of riding and therefore had refrained from showering for three days in order to conserve water, at which point Dan warned everybody not to stand downwind from Chas! Hogwash! Enjoy the photos taken with Chasí new Panasonic Lumix super zoom (30X optical/60X digital) camera. Note that the pronghorn antelope were barely visible to the naked eye and were at least a half- mile distant.




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