Taken from the March 2015 Newsletter - Part A


This sure is a great place to ride, although being a holiday weekend Davis Flat was pretty much jam-packed with campers and motorcycle riders. The TBSA turnout was better than usual and was represented with six RV's and sixteen people including: Robin and Glenda; Robert, Nancy, Nick (16), Chris & Andy (13) DiMattia; Keith and Vicki; Dean & Cole (11) Gilliam; Bill H.; Bill T., Kristin and Billy (10); and Chas. Riding conditions were similar to the January outing, although in between the outings there were torrential amounts of rainfall plus very heavy winds, resulting in streams that were much higher and lots more deadfall with trees blocking access to some of the main trails. Due to nagging back issues, Keith came to visit only and Bill H. stayed with the Heplers. We all enjoyed Bill T.'s wonderful evening campfires. Word has it that Chas enjoyed the Friday evening campfire perhaps a little too much and was a little loose with his language. An emeritus professor should be capable of better language skills.

The riding, of course, was excellent. On Friday, Robin and Chas took an 85-mile primarily road/two-track ride to further explore the Elk Creek OHV area, among other things. This new-to-us OHV area is roughly 25 miles north of Stonyford. As it turned out, all we could find were a few ATV trails -- so much for that. We stayed on the main road for a while, which eventually intersected with M3, then took a right turn onto 18NO3, which continues for about 20 miles to Davis Flat. Since this road is gated just north of Davis Flat, we turned left onto Black Diamond Road which hits the pavement just north of the Stonyford Ranger Station. Towards the end of the ride on Black Diamond Road, Robin noticed that his rear tire was almost flat. He pumped air into the tire and, by the time we got to the ranger station, the tire was almost flat again. 40 psi from an air compressor kindly provided by the rangers was enough to get Robin over the nine miles of pavement back to camp.

There were several rides going out on Saturday. Bill T. led Kristin, Billy, Dean and Cole on a nice ride challenging the youngsters just enough. Chas joined the DiMattia clan, starting out with Letts Ridge. By the time the group got to Mill Valley Campground for lunch, Chas' digestive system was acting up. Chas therefore cut his ride short at 20 miles. The rest of the group continued on for a great 56-mile ride.

There were several rides going out on Sunday. Bill H. joined Bill T. for a rousing, rigorous ride while Chas again joined the DiMattia clan for another shot at a better ride for him. Chas redeemed himself on this 58-mile ride. He was in his element, riding with the confidence that he knew he had (at least in his mind). The group took Trail 30 towards Auk Auk Ridge, then trails 28, 31 and 30, stopping at camp to refresh water supplies, then 30 to Hornet's Nest Ridge and Crackerbox Ridge, then down the ‘tractor way' to Love Lady. We all successfully made the fairly deep water crossing at the bottom of Love Lady. Love Lady Ridge is quite steep and long so that by the time the group reached M5, it was getting pretty late and therefore decided to head directly back to camp. Chas was again extremely impressed with the riding abilities of all the DiMattia guys. They really know how to ride well and, in fact, led probably two-thirds of the ride. Unfortunately Robin's cold worsened, while Glenda was just recovering, and he was unable to ride on Saturday and Sunday.


Friday and Saturday - -

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03-Fouts-Feb-Chas-03.jpg (138124 bytes)

04-Fouts-Feb-Vicki-01.JPG (116633 bytes) DiMattia MH in a tight spot ...

05-Fouts-Feb-Vicki-02.JPG (121253 bytes)  ... on both sides.

06-Fouts-Feb-Chas-06.jpg (172935 bytes)  Dean & Cole are ready.

07-Fouts-Feb-Vicki-04.JPG (176080 bytes)  Kristin & Bill are missing someone.

08-Fouts-Feb-Vicki-05.JPG (142473 bytes)  The prodigal son returns.

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