Taken from the December 2014 Newsletter


Billy T., Larry and Robin/Glenda arrived Thursday; Bill H. arrived Friday morning; and Dan K. Friday afternoon. And Alberta/Dan (semper fi) arrived later.

Friday Bill, Billy, Robin and Larry went east, north, south and west. Hell if I know any of the trails' numbers or names of the canyons. Conditions were excellent with a recent rain – very little if any dust, but there were rocks and lots of them. We had some great sand wash racing and zig zagging between the sage brush and pine nut trees. When we set out, the temps had quickly risen from 30's to high 50's. We were warm after the first 30 minutes of riding. After lunch the temps started to drop. That's when Bill got a rear tube flat. We found two holes in the heavy duty tube, but there were three. Luckily Bill carried a spare tube, but it was two tire changes and it took over an hour to fix. By 3:00 we were cold and heading west into the setting sun for the next hour. The low sun was blinding and delayed our return. We rode 60 miles.

Saturday we added Dan K. to the roster and headed in a similar direction but varied routes so it wasn't the same. Leave it to Billy to figure out the route. And when he was in doubt, he'd check in with Robin for routing selections. There were some great trails that we hope Bill or Robin can find again. These two were constantly comparing routes, saying things like, "you remember that right back there at the warsh? ... we should've gone left then straight, then right." Right, left, right ... Right? (Author's comment: Dear Robin, there is no ‘R' in sand wash.) We came across some trail surprises. Turning out of a wash to go up a blind 30-foot wall. We all made it. Then we had to clear a 4-foot high rock ledge, that got us anxious. Did I mention rocks? Way too many rocks. And Billy just had to take the unmarked single-track that paralleled the power lines. It was a wild ride of tight, nearly overlapping trails under low trees, over logs, down and up steep walled creeks. Of course we were shooting for camp by 3:00 to avoid the cold and sun – but the allure of the wild single-track was just too much to set aside. The return to camp from south P16 through the residential area was all sealed off. It took us a little longer to travel further south to get us to a road to return home at 4:00 pm (mid-40's, with 70 miles on the odo). Another good day riding and we all got home safely.

Note, Sunday morning the temps got down to 18 degrees. Most of the gang returned home early Sunday, leaving the Baumgarts and Corders to spend another day in the desert.

GLENDA also adds the following: The outing was good but cold, cold, cold. On the 15th Alberta and I went to Gardnerville for lunch and to check out locations for dinner; when the guys got back there were six of us who went to the Carson Valley Inn for their $9.99 prime rib dinner - Robin & I, Dan & Alberta plus Dan Kelly and Larry Mason. Bill H & Bill T stayed in camp. Total five rigs and one dog (Ruby).



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