Taken from the November 2014 Newsletter


This outing had all the makings for a superb event, i.e. good weather, beautiful campsites, zero dust, not to mention new trails. How could this outing be anything but perfect? There were four riders: Paul Boettin, Larry Mason, Chas Moser and Scott Wolsey along with Karin, Jan, and Julie with her older daughter.

Friday morning saw three riders ready to take off only to find the forth rider, Scott, suffering from a debilitating migraine which ended his riding for the day. Paul, Larry and Chas embarked on the ride and were very impressed with the new trails, which more or less parallel Road 2 for quite a ways before tying into Trail 15. When we got up to the intersection of Roads 4 and 2, Chas pointed out an old trail which had previously dead-ended in about a half mile. Since it was obvious that the trail had been ridden recently, Chas thought that it would be a good idea to check it out. We rode the trail for a ways, eventually to the ridge top. From this point on, the trail began a very steep descent. Chas unilaterally decided to go down the trail knowing that there was a road (Road 1) down below. Chas rode the trail down to a large fallen tree across the trail. Noting that some riders had turned around at this point, Chas waited there for Paul and Larry.

When they didn’t show up, Chas turned around to go back up to the top. He met Paul and Larry coming down. The three rode down to the fallen tree and sat down to contemplate their future. Should we attempt to go back up or proceed further down the trail? It was obvious that some riders had previously gone around the tree and down the trail. Chas had a tough time convincing Larry and Paul that there indeed was a dirt road down below which actually circled a portion of Shasta Lake (Road 1) which was clearly shown on the map. After some discussion, Paul agreed to hike down the trail to make sure that there was a road at the end of the trail. While Larry and Chas rested, a very tired Paul finally returned after about 30 minutes or so and reported that, yes, there indeed was a road at the end of the trail. The riders decided to go for it. Again, the trail was very steep in spots. With Chas leading, he finally saw the main road. That is the last thing he remembers.

Chas was laying out on the ground next to the road, his bike with 10 miles on the trip meter nearby. When he opened his eyes he saw Paul who told him that he had been unconscious for over five minutes! Neither Paul nor Larry witnessed the accident but they did say that there was some sort of a culvert between the last part of the trail and the road. The guys flagged down a passing pickup and asked the driver and passenger if they would be kind enough to take Chas back to camp. At this point, Chas had a headache along with a sore shoulder and hip. While Jan was taking Chas into the Mercy Hospital in Redding, Paul and Larry picked up Chas’ bike in Paul’s pickup. As always, TBSA to the rescue. A brain scan showed a concussion and some blood around the brain. The hospital closely monitored Chas’ condition overnight and did a second scan the next morning. They were happy to find that the bleeding had subsided and released him that morning.

On Saturday Scott was feeling up to par and led Paul and Larry on a great 57-mile ride which included all the new trails plus Road 1 counterclockwise, along with the challenging rocky Trail 26, then proceeded to ride most of the trails in the northernmost section of the OHV area.


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