Taken from the August 2014 Newsletter

Note:  Our Packer Lake outing had to be cancelled (twice) so there are no photos this month, but read on - -

EDITOR'S MESSAGE:  by  Vicki Hepler

We recently learned of the passing of our favorite sponsor and RV expert - RV Doctor George.

Keith and I often turned to him and his guys when we encountered a problem or question regarding our motorhome. Among other things, he provided us with the pan that was needed under our built-in washer/dryer and taught Keith how to install it. He had every part we needed, even when we didn’t yet know we needed it. It was always a pleasure to stop by the shop and gaze in at the RV toys while business was being conducted. If George was in, he always had a hug and a joke to share. You could tell how much “his guys” respected him and enjoyed working with him - what a bunch they are - and the combined years of experience is invaluable to any customer. Did you know that Doctor George actually purchased 18 of our TBSA Anniversary tee-shirts so everyone in the shop could wear one (yes, there were several in XXL!) - too bad we never got that group photo. I know George enjoyed reading about our outings and adventures because he would send me emails commenting on the reports and photos.

dr-george-shirt.JPG (56995 bytes)    Dr. George and the Tee-shirt

Please go to the RV Doctor George website ( http://www.rvdoctorgeorge.com/ ) to learn about the Celebration of his Life planned for August 31 - and don’t forget to click on the links to his obituary and the RV Toys page. Since George had acquired extra garage space for RV repair (so all work can now be done indoors), we know that they’ll continue to provide the same excellent service, and you should definitely think of them FIRST when you have any problems with your trailer or motorhome. And I’ll be thinking of him every month when I send out the newsletter with his name at the end. Happy Travels, Doctor George - we will miss you.

dr-georgeR.JPG (94378 bytes)


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