Taken from the July 2014 Newsletter - Part A


This outing had an excellent turnout. There were 9 TBSA rigs with 14, people including the Smiths' grandson Nathan, plus Renee Murray along with her 10-12 tent-camping guests. Everybody had a great time with a number of rides going out each day. Larry, Chas and Ron Steele took a nice 25-mile warm-up ride on Friday, including lots of single-track west of the OHV staging area. Paul Boettin, Dan Kelly, Chas, plus Ron & Roxanne Steele (in a RZR side-by-side quad) took a fun-filled 40-mile ride on Saturday, including miles of power line and single-track trails. Ron wisely opted out of some of the power line riding and of course all of the single-track. As an added footnote on the single-track, Chas led the group in the quest for new single-track trails. One skinny little trail looked traversable at first; however, the trail began descending at an increasingly rapid rate and eventually became too brush-filled to continue. Everybody but Chas was able to turn their bike around. Paul assisted Chas in pulling his bike about ten feet back up the trail in order to turn it around. Also on Saturday Robin, Keith and Bill Thomas took the infamous double black diamond Doolittle Trail out of Washington. They completed this extremely challenging trail and actually made it all the way to Bowman Lake! Also on Saturday John Cox took Nathan out for a nice trail ride while Bob and Bert Smith borrowed their grandson's monster truck for a ride into Washington. The truck was so tall that they needed a step stool to gain access to the truck. The Saturday evening potluck was well attended and a complete success. Sunday morning, Nathan, Dan and Chas did a short 15-mile ride which included an 11-mile loop of the tightest twisty single-track in the area. Saturday afternoon, Chas took a 50-mile road ride by himself including the dirt road to Washington, then Gaston Ridge Road to Bowman Lake, then Bowman Lake Road to Hwy 20 and back to camp.

CHALK BLUFF OUTING PHOTOS:  by Chas Moser and Vicki Hepler

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