Taken from the June 2014 Newsletter - Part A


Another super outing, actually a Super Duper outing! TBSA was represented by three rigs with four riders and one dog (Sara): Robin, Bill H., Larry, and Chas plus Sara. Bill drove over from Reno Thursday evening to ride on Friday and bunked with Robin. Bill and his family were celebrating his daughter's graduation from the University of Nevada, Reno. Congratulations!

The Friday ride started out with the steep climbs up to the technical single-track along the top ridge of the Dogskin Mountain Range. Towards the end of the trail, the group dropped down a steep trail on the south side of the mountain range. The trail included several rather 'nasty' rock ledges and eventually intersected with the main dirt road west of camp. Larry and Chas took the main road back to camp for lunch and to check in on Sara who was cooped up in Chas' trailer, while Robin and Bill proceeded in a southwest direction in search of some of the more flatland single-track. After lunch, Larry and Chas took the main road seven miles west to the first Sand Hills Recreation entrance. The two then proceeded about two miles south then took our more or less standard single-track loop meeting Robin and Bill midway riding towards them from the opposite direction. Larry and Chas continued on then took as much single-track as possible before arriving back at camp. Great rides.

The Saturday ride was one of the best rides ever at Moon Rocks. Robin, Larry and Chas got an early start first riding eight miles west to the second Sand Hills Recreation area taking a long single-track for miles eventually running into the first Sand Hill road about four miles from the main road. The group then decided to search for a new road towards the Dogskin Mountains and with the help from an older guy on a quad finally found a jeep road that ended at a private locked gate. Since the gate blocked access to public land the group skirted the fence line around the private property. In the process the group discovered some great new to us single-track while searching for a new route over the mountain range. Unfortunately nobody had a GPS for finding the best routes. The group finally ended up on a north/south jeep road that looked promising. Robin and Larry continued to ride trails back to camp while Chas took the north/south road to see where it intersected with the main road. It turned out that it was 4.5 miles west of camp.

Larry had to leave Saturday evening and Robin left Sunday morning. Chas was left by himself for the Sunday ride. Chas' GPS indicated that the north/south jeep road found on Saturday did indeed turn into a 'trail' that crossed over the Dogskin Mountain Range leading eventually to Winnemucca Valley. Interestingly, the GPS indicated and actually named a number of springs along the way. Chas' quest was to ride this new route. His quest was successful. During the ride he found most of the springs and noted that they all were full, with fresh water flowing into the troughs.

The weather was mild over the weekend with temperatures reaching 84 on Friday, 76 on Saturday and 65 on Sunday at the 5,100 foot camp elevation. There were strong southerly winds every day, picking up in the afternoons and evenings. Lastly, Chas took Sara for daily excursions, and she was very friendly with everyone and was always exceptionally well behaved.

MOON ROCKS OUTING PHOTOS: by Chas Moser (below) and Bill Heinemann (next page)

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