Taken from the May 2014 Newsletter - Part A


TBSA staged at Bald Mountain for a Saturday day ride. Since ten riders showed up, the group split into two rides. Bill T. led Robin, Bill H. and Keith on a 60-mile ride while Chas led Paul Boettin, John Gade, Larry, Ron Steele and Mike Stewart on a 47-mile ride. During the middle of both rides, all ten riders met up for a communal lunch at "Five Corners." There were other riders there along with Rick Guidice, who is a well known advocate for motorcycle riders and was here at Rock Creek organizing a future enduro event.

Chas' ride included Trails 1, 10, 6, 6-2, then lunch break. After the lunch break, Larry and Ron hooked up with Bill's group and Mike led Paul, John and Chas to the remnants of the infamous Bret Harte Hotel. The roughly one-mile dirt road leading from Mosquito Road to the hotel ruins was laden with deep mucky mud holes which demanded careful navigation. For some interesting historical info on the Deer View Lodge and Bret Harte Hotel, click on the following website:   http://digginghistory.weebly.com/deer-view.html

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