Taken from the April 2014 Newsletter - Part A


Another super outing.  Three rigs showed up including Robin & Glenda, Keith & Vicki, and Chas & Sara (Chas' Brittany).  TBSA enjoyed three terrific rides Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a total of close to 150 miles.  Larry Mason and Brian Renken came up for a day ride on Saturday.  Brian attempted to tag along on the Saturday ride with his quad Razor 900 side-by-side.  He actually did OK although some of the switch-backs were pretty tight.  After Brian discovered a broken sway bar on the Razor, he decided to call it a day.  Chas was for the first time finally able to take TBSA on the infamous Trail 6, which eventually leads to the corridor connecting Middle Creek to Fout Springs.  Unfortunately Robin's ride was cut short on the Sunday ride due to a leak in his KTM water pump seal.  This was the first weekend that the trails were open since the previous rain closures.  The weather was very Spring-like with daytime temperatures in the mid 70's and low 40's at night.  The trails were in perfect condition except for the numerous mud holes, some of which were deceptively deep.   Chas truly redeemed himself on this outing.  You may recall his horrific performance on the last outing at Spangler Hills.  His riding at Middle Creek was masterful in comparison, at least according to Chas.

Glenda and Vicki went in to town sight-seeing, shopping and for lunch on Friday.   The whole group went in to the Running Creek Casino in Upper Lake Saturday evening for their superb $8.95 Prime Rib special.  After Chas kept bragging about his prowess as a 21 player, Vicki and Glenda talked him into playing a little blackjack.  Seeing that the blackjack tables were using single decks, which is a big benefit for card counters, Chas plopped down $20 for four $5 chips.  After about 20 minutes or so he was up $10, at which time he decided to call it quits since he didn't want to leave everyone else just standing around.

Middle Creek is a great placing for family camping.  The spacious campsites were laid out really well, with lots of grassy areas and a large table plus a barbecue at each site.  Sara, Chas' Brittany, had a super time.  Sara's main interest was checking out all of the many ground squirrels and squirrel holes in and around camp.   Chas is indebted to Vicki and Glenda for looking after Sara while he was out riding.

MIDDLE CREEK OUTING PHOTOS:  by Chas Moser and Vicki Hepler


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