Taken from the February 2014 Newsletter - Part A


The Spangler Hill outing this year was almost a total success except for one individual. Chas was completely out of shape, plus he was suffering from some persistent hemorrhoid issues. The outing turnout was decent considering the almost eight-hour drive, with Robin & Bill H., Keith & Vicki, Chas, and Bill T. & Tim attending. The weather was comfortable as expected with daytime temperatures in the sixties.

Bill T. and Keith led Robin, Bill H. and Chas on the 70-plus mile ride on Friday. The ride included lots of nice terrain including the super, technical single-track around the Fremont Peak mountain range and many trails and sandy two-track between Red Mountain and Fremont Peak. Going past Fremont Peak, the ride progressed through some rugged, rocky, tight trails. Robin insisted on riding sweep behind Chas and, towards the end of the ride, he was getting worn out from assisting Chas so much. Bill H. took over as sweep from there. Chas actually did OK through the single-track around Fremont Peak but his riding deteriorated exponentially from there. By the end of the ride, Chas was so tired that he was barely able to stay on his bike. Note that Chas chose to ride his mega Beta, and in hindsight probably should have chosen to ride his lighter KTM 350. In partial defense of Chas, he could not even sit on his bike unless he rode sidesaddle. There were two front tire flats during the ride, both courtesy of Chas. The first flat was a real catastrophe with the high pressure (100 psi) inner Tubliss tube going flat. Bill H. donated a regular inner tube for the repair and Chas stashed the expensive Tubliss system behind a bush to be picked up later. Toward the end of the ride, Keith and Chas split from the group to pick up the Tubliss and then head back to camp. Chas' repaired front tire went flat again with a punctured inner tube. While Chas was patching the inner tube, Keith went on to retrieve the hidden Tubliss system. By the time Keith got back, Chas had successfully patched the tube and the two rode Hwy 395 and Trona Road back to camp just as the sun was going down.

Chas was so stiff and sore the next day that, even following Vicodin treatment and hydrocortisone suppositories, he was unable to participate in one of his favorite Spangler Hills rides. Bill T. and Keith led Robin, Bill H., and Tim on the 75-mile Saturday ride. They did the hill climbs, rode the Teagle Sand Wash to The Pinnacles, and then some rugged cross-country near Charlie's Place. including a particularly nasty, rocky, steep downhill. Chas, except for the last part, was very sorry that he missed this ride. Riders reported that the long Teagle Sand Wash was in perfect riding condition with much better steering and traction than normally available due to the somewhat crusty sand.

The Sunday ride went much better for Chas with Keith leading Robin, Bill H., Tim, and Bill T. riding sweep behind Chas. The 86-mile ride covered primarily the Rand Mountains and the California City areas. Chas owes his fellow riders a big debt of gratitude for all their help.

SPANGLER HILLS OUTING PHOTOS:  by Bill Heinemann and Vicki Hepler


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