Taken from the June 2013 Newsletter - Part A

Foresthill (Sugar Pine) Outing Report:   by Keith Hepler

There were two separate rides going out - the day riders and the "campers." Day riders were Bill H., Robin, Dan Kelly, Larry Mason and me. We went up Trail 5 on the way to Trail 6, and ran into two guys who had ridden their dual-purpose pedal-bikes from their homes in Colfax; they were hesitating a bit, down where the water goes across the trail, just before the nasty rock climb. While one of them struggled his way out, our hero Bill Heinemann rode the other guy's bicycle most of the way up the hill and out, and then had to walk all the way back to his KTM. We went on to Trail 6, riding it counter-clockwise; since I hadn't been on it for many years, I was a little taken aback by what bad condition it's in, especially approaching and leaving the trail bridge. Repair work has made the situation worse due to cable and wire from previous fix-it's which now grab for your legs as you try to find the line. Next month's outing at the Sheep Camp area of Foresthill will stage us closer to the Western States Trail, which will offer even more technical riding (how about those switchbacks?).

Foresthill (Sugar Pine) Outing Photos:   by Bill Heinemann

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