Taken from the May 2013 Newsletter - Part A

Moon Rocks Outing Report:   by Chas Moser

High desert riding at its best. TBSA had a reasonable turn-out at Moon Rocks with four rigs, including Robin, Glenda and Ruby; Larry, Karin and Coco; Chas, Jan and new addition Sara ( a beautiful 5-year old field trial champion Brittany); and Bob, Bert and Smitty. Also, Nevin and Marty came up for a day ride on Saturday.

We enjoyed super rides on Friday and Saturday. The 56-mile ride on Friday included the area primarily south of the Dog Skin Mountain Range with lots of single-track, hill climbs, and fun curvy smooth gullies. Unfortunately we missed out on some of the best riding due to the fact that the Sand Hills Recreation Area doesn't officially open until May 1st, as we were politely informed (reminded) by a dutiful and conscientious horsewoman.

Nevin and Marty joined the group on the 53-mile Saturday ride, which included some really great although more technical riding in and over the Dog Skin Mountain Range. Several of the ladies traveled south towards Reno for some shopping and fine dining.

Another unfortunate casualty is that one of the TBSA members got lost trying to follow the Anew@ directions to the campsite and had to turn around and go home. Future directions will include only the original directions via Winnemucca Ranch Road.

Moon Rocks  Outing Photos:   by Jan and Chas Moser

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