Taken from the April 2013 Newsletter - Part A

Georgetown (Bald Mountain) Outing Report:   by Chas Moser

TBSA had a good turnout for this outing - - 19 people including 17 riders, five rigs, and one tent!! On Friday, Larry and Chas went on a very nice 24-mile ride which Chas cut short due to some queasiness on his part. The two found the trails to be in perfect condition other than for the numerous mud puddles. They had an interesting discussion with a couple of mountain bikers out on trail 4. Their bicycles were somewhat out of the ordinary - one bike had a single front fork rather than the customary twin forks; the other bike had only a single speed rather than the usual 10-30+ speeds.

Saturday was the big day, with many day riders. Bill T led one ride, which included Robin & Eric (riding Bob S' borrowed KTM), Bill H, Dan Kelly, and Andrew 'Ducky Boy' Whitehead. Bill's lengthy ride covered 58 miles. It sounds as though they must have covered the majority of the Rock Creek trails!! Bill H and Dan returned to camp at about the half-way point due to engine problems with Bill's KTM. Very likely another issue with the infamous loose crankshaft nut syndrome. Chas, feeling much better than the previous day, took out a second Saturday ride with nine riders, including Robert DiMattia & three of his sons, Jerry Karr plus two friends, and new member George Smith (aka ARenoGeorge@ at KTMTalk. The 26-mile ride included parts of Trail 1, Trail 10, Trail 4, and Trail 9. Chas was impressed with everyone=s riding abilities, especially so with the DiMattia boys and friends of Jerry Karr, one of whom was riding a Husaberg 570 FE and the other a Honda XR650L! Unfortunately Jerry Stober missed out on a super ride as he was suffering from some digestive problems.

Chas led the only ride on Sunday, which included the DiMattia clan and George Smith. The DiMattia boys were on Chas' rear fender about 90% of the time! Robert and George helped them out on several of the most technical sections. The group rode basically the entire outer Trail 1 perimeter loop including the Deep Water Crossing over the new mini Golden Gate Bridge over Rock Creek. Darn, we are going to miss all the laughs we used to have during our lunch break while watching all the hot-shoe riders drown out their bikes while attempting to cross Rock Creek during the high water winter and early spring months.

Chas stayed over until Monday. On his way out, he decided to do a little further customization work (again) to his trailer. He pulled over to the side of the Bald Mountain dirt road in order to pick up the TBSA sign out on Wentworth Springs Road. As he was preparing to leave, he checked his rear view mirror and he keenly noted that the trailer was considerably off kilter listing to the right. Undaunted, rather than attempting to back up, he proceeded to drive forward. After considerable wheel spinning, the trailer was ultimately pulled free, thanks to the monumental torque from the little but mighty 3-liter turbo diesel Sprinter engine. Thinking that all was well, Chas proceeded to drive home, only to find that the trailer was missing the right front jack and that the rear step was severely bent. Now the trailer is lacking both steps. R.V. Doctor George again has his work cut out for him.

Georgetown Outing Photos:   by Chas Moser

(This photo is courtesy of Bill Heinemann)

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