Taken from the February 2013 Newsletter - Part A

News from "the Yuma Chapter":   by Ron Colombo

1/12/13 - The Yuma crew went for thir first major ride Jan. 10. Led by Ron Colombo they went South to the Mexican border. Bob Smith gave out first and returned to camp folled by Mike Stwert who had a rear flat tire. This left Ron with John Cox and Bob Hampton. They finished the trip to the border and progressed around the Atlas Mountains and back to Foothills. 76 miles of rock and sand.

1/15/13 - Weather very cold. Bob Hampton and I tried to make a 60 mile ride to the Shooting Range North of Foothills. We got 7.2 miles and my hands were frozen to the grips. I had to turn back and Bob followed. We all plan to ride out of Sidewinder Road in Calif. Thursday.

1/18/13 - On Jan. 17 Bob Smith led Hamton, Cox, RD(landlady's nephew) on a 63 mile ride from Sidewinder Rd. Northt on Capascho Mine and back. Cox had a fuel line break at the start and Colombo had a flat tire only yards from the finish. Weather was perfect.

2/6/13 - After 2 weeks of sheer hell I finally got back to this world. I took Bob Smith and John Cox to Mettry Lake yesterday and plan a ride through the Gaddens Gap tomorrow.

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Spanger Hills Outing Report:   by Chas Moser

The riding at Spangler Hills was, as always, desert riding at its best. One couldn't have asked for better weather, especially in the middle of January. The daytime highs ranged from 60 - 65 F and the nighttime lows reached down to the low 30's. TBSA was represented with three rigs and seven riders: Bill T. with two guests, Dean Gilliam and Tim McMillan; Robin with two guests, Bill H. and Larry; and Chas by himself. Dean Gilliam was a longtime former TBSA member along with his dad Wayne from way back. Old timers may remember Dean and his dad Wayne from the old days, i.e. mid-70's to the late-80's. Unfortunately, Wayne succumbed to the ravages of cancer about five years ago.

Bill T. led us on three long super rides on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The 65-mile Friday ride included many challenging uphills and downhills, canyons, Burro Schmidt Mine, and a lunch stop at the Walsh Cabin (which was new to us). The 48-mile Saturday ride included fun at the sand hills, a free-for-all across the Teagle Sand Wash, Charlie's Place, and some 'roller coaster' riding north of Charlie's Place. The 66-mile ride on Sunday included numerous sand washes, Cuddeback Dry Lake, the super single-track around Fremont Peak, and the Husky Monument. Most of the group went into Ridgecrest Saturday night for all-you-can-eat pizza and salad.    (Editor's Note: No mention of the impact of there being NO women in camp all weekend!.)

Spanger Hills Outing Photos:   by Chas Moser, Bill Thomas and Larry Mason

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