Taken from the November 2012 Newsletter


Another super outing with great weather, although a little warm at camp with temperatures ranging up into the mid-80's. Five rigs showed up with ten people in attendance including all the wives, even Jan Moser! Everybody had a wonderful time. It is hard not to like the scenic, rustic beauty of the camping area with its individual camp sites but still having everybody in the same vicinity. Much to Chas' delight, TBSA had the fortitude to extend the Potluck season to the October outing.

The riding was truly outstanding although the trails were fairly dry with some occasional dusty areas. Robin, Larry and Chas took long rides on both Friday and Saturday, covering about 50% of the available 250 miles of roads and trails in the area. Several of the steeper uphills were extremely challenging due to the lack of traction and loose trail conditions. Robin again was a 'life saver' for both Larry and Chas on several occasions, but overall we all really enjoyed the riding. Chas was happy that he was finally able to show TBSA some of the super trails at the higher elevations at Chappie-Shasta, as these trails up until now had been inaccessible due to too much snow.

Ron Colombo and Bob Smith went on a short ride on Friday. Ron also rode with a dual sport group (NorCal Dual Sport Club) that staged an event at Chappie-Shasta the same weekend. They had two long rides scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday. Ron rode with them on Saturday. Ron described the 91-mile ride as the dual sport ride from hell. They rode many of the most technical trails at Chappie-Shasta plus many roads and trails out of the area. All of the trails were new to Ron since this was his first visit here. Needless to say, when Ron finally finished the ride late Saturday afternoon, he was too exhausted to attend the potluck. The ladies had a chance to go into Shasta Lake City where they found a great eating establishment (the Old Mill Eatery) - excellent food and lots of it. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and the ladies have decided to take their better halves for a dinner out on our next visit there. Also, Bert held a special "ladies lunch" for them at her place - very tasty is the word Chas received. Bert and Bob brought their new dog Smitty who had a fantastic time. Camping has become his favorite new thing.

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