Taken from the October 2012 Newsletter - Part A


All those in attendance really enjoyed this outing. Super riding conditions with temperatures ranging from 65-75F for most of the riding time and dropping to the mid to low 30's in the early morning hours. The total turnout for the event must have included at least 25 riders. Our friend Howard Hill led large group rides, each containing 12-13 riders, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Howard's long rides are renown for their vigorous nature, oftentimes not getting back to camp until after sunset. Robin, Keith, Chas, and Rich VanDerMeeden (plus an extra rider each day) did their own thing, putting on 82 miles on Thursday and 88 miles on Friday, riding dirt roads, sand washes and some really great single-track. Our longest ride was on Saturday including stops at Gabbs and Rawhide. Chas' ride was cut short to 120 miles due to an inflamed retina on his left eye. The cause of the eye problem is thus far unknown but Jan set up a Kaiser appointment for him for Tuesday AM. Chas attempted to buy some Visine in Gabbs without success but again Robin to the rescue. Robin's soothing eye drops relieved much of the irritation, at least temporarily. Chas therefore chose to ride the last 20 miles of the ride on pavement, not only because of his eye issues but also in order to get back in time to freshen up for the big Saturday evening dinner specials hosted by the Middlegate Station restaurant. The remaining four riders rode the dirt back to camp, arriving at Middlegate basically on fumes after their 145-mile ride, almost missing out on the prime rib special due to their late arrival. Not getting fuel in Gabbs, thinking that they had plenty of gas remaining to get back to camp, was probably not the wisest decision. Chas also thanks Vicki for more eye drop meds back at camp.

Vicki and Chas chose the salmon special while Robin, Glenda, Keith and almost everyone else chose the prime rib special. Unfortunately our Middlegate ride organizer, Nevin Nyswonger, was unable to attend the outing due to headache, nausea and other flu-like symptoms; however both Nevin and Lana surprised us with a visit late Saturday afternoon and were able to enjoy the Saturday evening prime rib special with us. Sunday was spent resting, relaxing, recuperating and getting ready for the trip home. The 'prepared for anything' Robin did another good deed on Sunday for Keith and Vicki by recharging Keith's ailing motorhome AC.

P.S. A recent post in the KTMTalk.com forum caught Chas' attention. The post by Howard Hill, aka HARDHILL at KTMTalk, documents and attests to Chas' superior skills, knowledge of, and expertise on building and modifying KTM engines. The following is a direct quote of Howard's post:

Posted by: HARDHILL Aug 9, 2012 - - I have an '02 520 EXC (originally). After 10years and 50,000 miles and rebuilds of 540, 554, and now 576 stroker, along with oversized valves, 41mm carb, JD Jetting, and just about every other modification you can think of, I still don't get more than a front wheel on my b-i-l's '03 540 (12.5:1 with stock jetting and carb) in a drag race. I HAVE gotten beaten by a Dick's Racing prepped 525 (unknown mods) and "SMOKED" by ChasM's big bore with DJH head (I'm still in awe). So, from my experience, if you want THE fastest, call ChasM. If I was to do it all over myself, for dependability (and budget), I'd do the 540 OEM kit, oversize Kibblewhite valves, then upgrade to a newer carb, then Highway Dirtbikes for the dual sport kit. Have fun!


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