Taken from the July 2012 Newsletter - Part A


Chalk Bluff (Burlington Ridge) is located about 16 miles east of Nevada City. This certainly is a nice place to camp with excellent riding opportunities in almost any direction and the weather was just about perfect plus it is very close to Sacramento. Seven rigs with sixteen people showed up including the Smiths and their two great-grandkids. On Thursday, Chas went on a 38-mile exploratory ride by himself. Unfortunately he ran into two dead-ends complete with two locked gates but did manage to find some interesting riding following a trail running alongside the South Yuba Canal. The first 'real' ride was on Friday where Robin, Keith and Chas decided to get the tight single-track out of their systems and rode for 32 miles, almost all on single-track. It is amazing how it takes 11.5 miles of tight twisty single-track to get from camp to the main OHV staging area but only a little over two miles via Hwy 20!!

Robin, Keith, Larry and Chas again had a real fun ride on Saturday. The 48-mile ride included many miles of powerline and newly discovered single-track with lunch at the 'broken bridge' over Steephollow Creek. The ride continued through Red Dog/You Bet and across the Greenhorn River (Creek). It took the group awhile to find a way to cross the very steep cliff-like area on either side of the creek. Everybody enjoyed the Saturday evening potluck.

The 36-mile Sunday ride was also very entertaining. Robin, JC, Larry, Chas, and Renee Murray & her friend Jim took the obligatory ride to Washington via the Alpha jeep road, finishing off with quite a bit of single-track near the Skillman horse staging area. Chas failed to get (or perhaps doesn't remember) the ride reports from JC and Bob H.

CHALK BLUFF OUTING PHOTOS:  by Chas Moser and Vicki Hepler

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