Taken from the February 2012 Newsletter


We all enjoyed the outing and the riders certainly enjoyed the trails. The weather was bright and sunshiny with daytime temperatures in the low to mid sixties and below freezing at night. There were five rigs and fifteen people in camp. There were fourteen riders including three riders up for either Saturday or Sunday. Chas put on thirty miles by himself on Thursday primarily checking out trailheads. Unfortunately he found that the Auk Auk Ridge trails have been 'permanently' closed and that the main dirt road north out of Davis Flat was temporarily closed. Bill T. led Robin and Chas on a long, super, rigorous ride on Friday covering a lot of territory looping past the west side of Indian Valley Reservoir! There were two main rides on Saturday. Robin led Robert DiMattia and his four sons on a long ride just tough enough so that the two younger guys (twins) were completely exhausted by the end of the day yet still champing at the bit for more riding on Sunday. Bill T. led Bill H., Chas and Jerry Stober on another fine ride covering a lot of the available single track in the area. On Sunday, Larry and Chas went on a long ride beginning with the climb up Letts Ridge, circling around Mills Camp and Goat Mountain. The weather started turning pretty chilly on Sunday. Luckily both Larry and Chas were able to don their windbreakers up at the higher elevations, plus Chas was glad that he had heated grips. Robin again led the DiMattia clan on another long ride not getting back until 5:30pm!! New member Renee Murray and friend wanted to ride with Robin's group, however while Renee was up to it, her friend was not. Renee and friend were able to partake in a nice long dirt road ride by themselves up to Goat Mountain. Enjoy the photos.

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