Taken from the November 2011 Newsletter - Part A


The regulars who usually make the Moon Rocks outings really missed some excellent rides this time. The weather was just about perfect with high temperatures of low to mid seventies during the day. Chas put on 56 miles on Friday looking for some new areas to ride and discovered a new to us OHV area called Sand Hills several miles west of camp where he found several very nice single track trails. On Saturday, Robin, Larry, Chas and Nevin put on 46 miles exploring these and other trails. The single track turned out to be really super and went on for miles and miles. It was kind of neat finding barely used trails in the area. On Sunday, Robin, Larry and Chas did a 28 mile ride including some of the very technical trails in the Dogskin Mountain range north of camp and some of the trails, gullies, etc south of camp. The gals, Glenda, Karin and Lana, enjoyed their day on Saturday which included a shopping/lunch trip to nearby Reno.

I recall that the last time TBSA camped here that the campsite was a daily migratory route for a herd of cattle. This time there were far fewer cattle none of which came close to camp. Incidentally, the newer shorter route to the campsite via 395 was really brutal this year as the many miles of usually smooth dirt roads were heavily washboarded. We all departed using the old route via Winnemucca Ranch Road and found the short two mile usually washboarded dirt road section much smoother this year!!


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