Taken from the Sept. 2011 Newsletter - Part A1


Another great Sweetwater outing with the largest outing of the year - 13 rigs and 24 people. The good weather held out with day temperatures in the mid to upper 70's with temperatures into the 30's at night at the near 7,000 foot campsite. Some of the rides, like around Mount Patterson, approach 12,000 feet where the temperatures are much cooler. A few rain drops fell during the night on Saturday. The riding was as usual, excellent and varied with numerous trail and dual sport rides going out each day.

Our last potluck of the year was again a monumental success. TBSA supplied the succulent tri-tip steaks, and members brought a wide variety of wonderful additional dishes and salads to complement the steak. Also worthy of mention were Nick and Terry Collin's tasty sliders.

SWEETWATER OUTING PHOTOS: by Bill Heinemann, Chas Moser, Nevin Nyswonger, and Vicki Hepler

- - -  FRIDAY - - -

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