Taken from the June 2011 Newsletter


Not much will be said about this outing since it had officially been cancelled. Chas met up with Mark & Karen Scott at the Smith Valley campsite on Friday. Mark was a former member of the now defunct Auburn TBSA chapter for a number of years beginning in the early 1980's. Come to find out that Mark was also the DJ at one of our TBSA Christmas parties some time ago. Suffice to say, the riding conditions were superb. The challenging 124-mile ride on Saturday was one for the books. Much of the challenge was getting through or around the snow up at the higher elevations in the Pine Nut Mountains, plus the last half of the ride was sans front brake on Chas' new Beta. All three of us had a good time at the potluck late Saturday evening with barbecued steaks, boston baked beans, a green salad with all the trimmings, plus a tasty dessert.  The riding here is superb; the dry lake campsite was great with scenic 360-degree views of the snow capped mountains surrounding Smith Valley. Incidentally, the dry lake campsite was dust free.

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This outing, scheduled twice a year, was attended by four TBSA members, i.e. Robin, Keith & Vicki, Chas and Nevin. There were around 30 riders total. There were a number of rides going out each day with from four to sixteen riders in each group. Most of us had three good, long rides ranging from 98 to 123 miles. One of the highlights was a visit to the Yamaha Memorial Monument. For a change, the Saturday evening prime rib feed was excellent. The prime rib was succulent, cooked to perfection, and had very little fat or gristle. (Ed.Note: prime rib was served in the restaurant/bar located on the premises.)

The weather was pleasant or at least tolerable for the most part with only a few sprinkles and snow flurries. A storm was expected to arrive early Sunday and it did. Sunday morning found a quick but raging snow blizzard right down to the Middlegate Station at 4,600 feet elevation. In order to beat the storm, many folks left for home after the prime rib feed on Saturday. Robin, Keith and Vicki left early Sunday morning just before the storm hit and somehow made it over the passes before they were closed. Chas, always the thinking man and not wanting to fight the fierce headwinds, waited out the storm and left for home around midday on Monday.

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