Taken from the May 2011 Newsletter - Part A


Those of you who missed this outing missed something special. The weather, the riding, and the spectacular scenery were enjoyed by most everybody. With 200+ miles of roads and trails to ride, there is something for every rider. The TBSA turnout was actually surprisingly good with 12 rigs showing up, including Chuck and Sue from Sequim, WA and her sister & hubby from WI, along with several other visitors. It was sure nice seeing Scott, Julie and their rapidly growing children. TBSA desperately needs more young families joining in. The first potluck of the year was a monumental success with over 30 people attending, including many children. Chas was, of course, in seventh heaven and found that the food quality and variety was 'to die for'; his only regret being that he missed out on the Key Lime pie.

With good maps of the area, there were several groups of two to five riders going out each day. Larry and Chas did a snow exploratory ride on Thursday, covering 68 miles. If you recall, last year in March Chas led a large group of riders past the point of no return in a steep snow bank. Unfortunately, this year we did find deep snow blocking one of the routes up at 4,800 feet elevation. Very fortunately, Chas did find that the snow which had blocked access to the best trails last year was for the most part completely melted. The main 60-mile ride on Friday included Paul, Keith, Chas, Ron Steele (on a quad no less!!) and Mike Stewart. The quad actually did great, missing out only on the technical single-track. Ron proclaimed that "This is the best ride I've ever been on". Everybody enjoyed the steep shaley hill-climbs and the simply out-of-sight views from the higher ridges. We did get up to the best trails but even here we ran into impassable snow at about 4,800 feet. At the lower elevations the Redbud and Scotch Broom, along with a variety of other flowering plants, were in full bloom. On the 42-mile Saturday ride, since the weather was much cooler, Keith, Chas, Scott plus two of his friends decided to ride some of the lower, twisty, challenging trails.

The weather down at the 725-foot camp elevation was pretty warm at 90 degrees on Thursday and Friday but cooled off dramatically down to 70 degrees for Saturday and Sunday; however, at the higher riding elevations it was much cooler. Enjoy the photos.


CHAPPIE-SHASTA OUTING PHOTOS: by Chas Moser, Keith Hepler & Vicki Hepler

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