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The cost of fuel just keeps going up and up. Maybe it is time to go electric both in our cars and our motorcycles. I have enclosed an article on a new electric motorcycle. I think we may be seeing a lot of these in the next few years. I would certainly consider buying one.

Four new models from Zero Motorcycles were announced recently, all of which will feature the company's new quick-charging technology and updated styling.

The company's CEO, Gene Banman, said Zero's engineers had managed to combine a number of quality features into each of the new models.

"Our 2011 model line is composed of exceptionally high-quality electric motorcycles that balance performance, range, weight, affordability and availability. We are excited to announce such major changes across the entire model line and to also be setting new industry standards in the way we report on our motorcycles’ performance specifications," he said in a statement.

Overhauls to the company’s street and dual sport models were significant, the company said, and its X and MX off-road and motocross machines will soon be street-legal.

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PHOTOS: by Vicki Hepler

Due to the fact that the last two outings have been cancelled due to weather, we have no ride photos to offer this month. However, as a reminder that Spring doesn’t always arrive on schedule, here’s another photo of the view from Chas’ trailer door only two months ago.

02-Chas-geotown-snow-feb.jpg (187529 bytes)

Also, here’s a photo of some of the TBSA "ladies who lunch" from February - that High Hand Nursery is a beautiful place to have a meal.

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