Taken from the March 2011 Newsletter - Part A


Another great outing at Spangler Hills. The riding conditions were again ideal with only a little dust; however, the weather was on the cool side - in the low 40's at 10 AM, rising to the low 60's during the day. Enduro jacket riding weather for most of us. TBSA camped at a new location - together with Larry and a group of his riding buddies from Southern Cal. TBSA participation was better than average with six rigs showing up plus two of Dennis Holcomb's friends.

On Thursday, an XR200-mounted Larry led Robin, Keith and Chas on an enjoyable 40-mile ride past Charlie's Place towards Ridgecrest and beyond. On Friday, Keith led Robin, Dennis, Walt, Ben and Chas on a brilliant 65-mile ride over hill and dale towards Burro Schmidt Mine. The ride included the whole spectrum of riding conditions, including single-track, very steep hill climbs, jeep roads, narrow barely traversable canyons, etc.

Keith also led the super 82-mile ride on Saturday - riders were Keith, Dennis and his friends Matt and Mike, Walt, Ben and Chas. The rocky single-track around Fremont Peak is the best in the area. On the way back, some of us participated in impromptu drag racing on the almost dry Cuddeback Dry Lake. From the dry lake on the way back to camp, the group came across a real nice five mile long A high speed@ sand wash. Chas made the spontaneous decision to pass our leader and take the sand wash to its terminus. Chas was closely followed by Walt, Ben and Dennis. The group then retraced their steps back three miles to Keith, Matt and Mike who were patiently waiting at the last intersection. Keith was understandably a little perturbed over Chas' indiscretion, but the exhilaration of riding the sand wash made it worthwhile - at least in Chas' mind. Next time, TBSA must put this particular sand wash on the riding list.

Supper-wise, Chas made out like a bandit. Friday, buffet pizza and salad in Ridgecrest, and while the pizza was only A so so,@ the company was superb. Saturday, Glenda provided Chas withy a very large plate of tasty home-cooked rigatoni. Sunday, the Lytles had Chas over for a wonderful steak dinner with all the trimmings. (Ed. Note: Due to the anticipated chill in the air, we didn= t plan a potluck, but Chas was able to A eat out@ anyway!)

SPANGLER HILLS PHOTOS: by Chas Moser, Vicki Hepler, and Glenda Baumgart/Tyler Bennett

Wednesday - -

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Thursday - -  

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