Taken from the February 2011 Newsletter


WOW, most of you missed two glorious days of riding from the staging area at Bald Mountain.  The riding conditions were just about perfect, with mild daytime temperatures in the low 60's, very little dust, and not too many mud puddles.  Chas had the ONLY rig camped there with only a few daytime riders showing up. 

The 47-mile ride on Friday was great.  Robin and two of his buddies, Bob & Carl, plus Larry and Chas went on a search for the infamous Bret Harte Hotel aka Deer View Lodge, which is located somewhere towards the far southeastern corner of the Rock Creek area past Slate Mountain near Mosquito Ridge Road.  Go   to http://www.adamsamigos.net/mosquito/dvfacts.htm for some interesting comments and information on this historical structure.  Our group was ultimately unsuccessful in the quest of finding the hotel, but did find lots of new single-track that none of us had ridden before, plus some of the familiar Georgetown trail loops. 

Bill T. led Bill H., Keith and Chas on a 60-mile ride on Saturday.  The group had a problem getting an early start as Keith's five-year-old aging KTM battery would not turn over the engine on the cool Saturday AM, plus the engine was reluctant to start with the kick starter.  Keep in mind that autoclutch-equipped bikes cannot be push-started.  Eventually Bill H. pulled the battery out of his bike, using it to finally successfully E-start Keith's bike.  On Monday, Keith placed an order for a super lightweight TurnTech lithium ion battery.  These batteries work much better than standard lead acid batteries, last longer, and save almost three pounds of weight.  Anyway, the Saturday ride was super and most of the Rock Creek trails on both sides of the creek were covered.  Chas was somewhat reluctant to forge Rock Creek at the Deep Water Crossing but was out-voted by the group majority (see photo).   The water was up to the axles deep and the rocks were slippery, but we all made it without incident, although some of us needed a little push to get over the steep incline over the slippery rocks on the trail on the other side.

Chas decided to rest up and remain in camp by himself until Sunday, which in hindsight was an unfortunate decision, as he woke up to a fresh six inches of snow Sunday morning!!  A friendly Forest Ranger checked in on Chas twice during the day on Sunday and offered help hooking up the trailer and towing him out.   Chas declined the offer since the Ranger needed four-wheel drive just to make it to the staging area.  The snow had melted and hardened up enough for Chas to make it out on his own by Monday noon.

GEORGETOWN PHOTOS: by Bill Heinemann & Chas Moser

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