Taken from the November 2010 Newsletter


Soooo - This weekend's weather turned out to be perfect in Fouts. Paul Boettin and I arrived around 12 noon on Friday to a warm and sunny day. Too bad everybody missed it - some of the best riding ever!

Ok, let me start over - Paul and I arrived around noon Friday to some drizzle and a few rain drops. We unloaded and rode about 30 miles - We found a little mud, a few slick rocks, and not much dust. Conditions were pretty good and after a nice fire and some chow, we had high hopes for the next day. Late that evening a friend from Redding pulled in late with another rig. He also has two daughters and will probably join us on a few rides in the future.

Saturday morning we woke up to a little rain - actually it was raining fairly steady but we suited up, just my friend Brad and I, and headed out at 10 am when we were pretty sure no one else was coming. We asked Paul to guard the rigs. After 15 minutes of riding, we were soaked to the bone but pressed on for another 16 miles. We both thought we were on the far side of Goat Mountain when we came out of the clouds and spotted the juvenile camp about a half mile away. Being this close to the trailer, we thought we should go back and make sure Paul was staying out of trouble.

After drying off and changing into some fresh clothes, we decided to wait it out in the trailer to see if the rain was going to let up. Well, it kept raining harder and harder and, after about 4 hours, we decided it might not stop. When the river running below the trailer steps was about 5 inches deep and started to carry away the chocks and rug, we decided to get the he** out of there.

Anyway - we did have fun but I heard it rained about 7 inches Saturday and Sunday!    - - Scott

P.S. - Did I mention there was not much dust?



Sorry, but there were no photos taken at the outing, so instead I am providing a few photos from the trip that Keith and I (and his parents) took recently to the San Antonio Zoo.

zoo-01.JPG (350680 bytes)

zoo-02.JPG (506263 bytes)

zoo-03.JPG (400417 bytes)


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