Taken from the October 2010 Newsletter - Part A


Since there are no 'official' TBSA outings on which to report, here are a few comments on the Idaho trip and the Middlegate outing:

One unofficial outing was Nevin's Middlegate ride staged at the old Middlegate Station 50 miles east of Fallon, NV. The group here is always large, with around 18 or so riders. This group typically rides twice a year - once in May then again in October. There were three TBSA members at the outing - Larry, Chas and Nevin. The riding is typical high elevation desert with lots of two-track, sand washes, single-track, hill climbs and numerous goat trails in various combos with riding groups of four to eight riders each. The 125-mile mostly road ride on Saturday was noteworthy, especially due to our first visit to Berlin (near Ione), the site of a very large 200+ million year old Ichthyosaur fossil. The ancient aquatic dinosaur-like fossil is housed and protected in a very large building several miles out of Berlin. The Saturday prime rib feed was excellent this time, unlike our last visit. In order to make amends for the poor prime rib last May, as a complimentary gesture the owner provided everyone with a nice portion of hot peach cobbler topped off with whipped cream.

Before that, a significant contingent of TBSA members left for Stanley, ID directly after the Sweetwater outing. Unfortunately, Chas was not among them due to the fact that his trailer was still in the shop undergoing repair work. Fortunately for Chas, the trailer repair work was completed just in time for he and Jan to join the gang at Baumgartner, ID. It has been nine years since Chas & Jan's last visit here ... actually since September 11, 2001, a day of infamy. (This year) we were in a beautiful camp spot, right on the South Fork of the Boise River and shared the camp with several ospreys who kept us entertained with displays of their excellent fish hunting abilities. There were six rigs and one tent present with a total of ten riders. The trail riding here was superb and challenging. We followed Bill Dart's excellent trail maps where the trails are rated according to their levels of difficulty. Naturally, only the 'More Difficult' and 'Most Difficult Trails' (black diamond) were chosen. There were riders going out every day for seven days covering perhaps half of the available trails in the area. We ran across several of Chas' KTMTalk buddies (i.e. Velosapiens and Idaspode) on two of the rides.


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