Taken from the September 2010 Newsletter - Part A


An excellent attendance at Sweetwater as usual. By Chas' recollection, there were 14 rigs and 28 people (Ed.Note: 18 riders, counting little Billy). Chas was indeed lucky himself to make the outing. Still waiting for trailer repairs, Chas received a call on Wednesday from Walt Lytle asking if he would like to join himself and son Ben in their toy hauler. Chas of course jumped on the generous offer. Walt, Ben and Chas arrived at their Sweetwater destination at around 9:30 pm on Friday, just in time to join the star gazers. The stars and planets were absolutely brilliant. One almost forgets how beautiful and resolute the Milky Way actually is in reality.

The riding and variety of riding conditions in the area is virtually unlimited. Individual rides will not be discussed as there were multiple riding groups leaving at all hours of the day, nevertheless suffice it to say that everybody, including those in camp, all had a wonderful time. The scenic vistas at higher elevations were definitely sights to behold. Enjoy the photos.

The Saturday evening potluck was again a resounding success. Is it possible or even probable that they get better and better?! Chas' lasagna was again perfectly solar cooked. Towards the end of the potluck, Chas' close-to-empty lasagna tray was mysteriously almost filled with tasty 'left overs' from compassionate others. Will wonders never cease?

SWEETWATER OUTING PHOTOS:  by Bill Heinemann, Chas Moser and Vicki Hepler

- From Friday 9/3/10 - -

01-b-fri1.JPG (233204 bytes)

02-b-fri2.JPG (128441 bytes)

03-b-fri3.JPG (165586 bytes)

- From Saturday 9/4/10 - -

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05-v-sat2.JPG (133915 bytes)

06-b-sat1.JPG (185075 bytes)

07-b-sat2.JPG (186413 bytes)

08-b-sat3.JPG (126265 bytes)

09-b-sat4.JPG (283805 bytes)

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