Taken from the July 2010 Newsletter  - Part A


This was a very successful outing with seven rigs showing up and thirteen riders including two guests and four day-riders. There were enough riders so that two or three rides went out each day. Chalk Bluff/Burlington Ridge is a very nice and also very convenient location for TBSA, being within 55 miles for many members. Being at 5,000 feet elevation, daytime temperatures are comfortable and mild throughout the summer. The riding area is loaded with single-track trails, old logging roads, power line trails, etc., with lots of exploring still left to be done. Chas put on 140 miles in three days of riding. Since there were so many rides going out, individual rides will not be discussed, except to mention the exploratory ride on Friday where Chas' group set out in the quest to find several 'hidden' trails north of camp. Even with the aid of several GPS units, and after 53 miles of searching, the riders were unsuccessful. As fate would have it, Dan Kelly and Bill Heinemann, unaware of our endeavors, set out on a late Saturday ride and found one of the trails we had been searching for the prior day several miles east of the town of Washington. Dan will have to show his find to the rest of us next time.

We enjoyed Nevin's company on four separate visits, the last one with Lana on Sunday. On Nevin's second Saturday visit, he rode in to camp to show us his beautiful new BMW K1300S sport bike. We were also joined by two delightful guests, Pierre & Jennifer Reynes, who had learned about TBSA via Chas and the KTM Talk forum. They are hoping to move from the San Jose area to Grass Valley in the near future. The Saturday potluck was again a resounding success. Robin and Chas enjoyed playing with JC's remote control car. Vicki and Chas, budding nature photographers, attempted to photograph the wildlife of the area, including several lizards and a pair of doting woodpecker parents feeding their young.

CHALK BLUFF PHOTOS: by Chas Moser, Bill Heinemann and Vicki Hepler

01-fri-vicki-1.JPG (155470 bytes)  They're smelling the tree?

02-fri-vicki-2.JPG (82435 bytes)   Nevin has a handle on the back of his riding pants.

03-fri-chas-01.JPG (179165 bytes)

04-fri-chas-02.JPG (199233 bytes)

05-fri-chas-03.JPG (131252 bytes)

06-fri-chas-04.JPG (194746 bytes)  First flat.

07-fri-chas-05.JPG (173541 bytes)  Flat tire #2.

08-sat-chas-06.JPG (147089 bytes)   Pierre and Jennifer are always welcome.

09-sat-vicki-3.JPG (122954 bytes)   John Franklin visits our camp.

10-sat-bill-1.JPG (191040 bytes)   Does Dan want to go swimming?

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