Taken from the June 2010 Newsletter  - Day 1, Thursday


Our Memorial weekend outing was well attended with eight rigs and 23 people, which includes 13 riders and one baby. (Editor' s Note: Sharing our campsite were three rigs full of new friends, including three dads and eight very polite young riders - we hope they' ll join us again sometime.)

We were unable to camp in our preferred location so unfortunately were relegated to stage right next to a motocross track which was occasionally unsettling to say the least. There were enough riders so that three to four groups went out each day. Some of us rode for four days straight. Chas put on 140 miles over four days of riding. The weather was nice and mild although it was a little cool on Friday, and the dust wasn't too bad. It turns out that our campsite was in the direct water hole migratory route for a herd of cattle, including several irate bulls.

Larry and Chas enjoyed 16- and 24-mile 'warmup' rides on Thursday and Friday. We found some new to us single-track the second day. The 55-mile ride which Bill H., Keith and Chas took on Saturday was more serious and included the discovery of some more single-track. The 39-mile ride on Sunday, led by Bill T. with Bill H., Keith and Chas, was definitely much more serious and we all were pretty much tuckered out at the ride's conclusion.

Our first potluck of the year was a raging success with many really good hot dishes, salads, desserts and, best of all, the tri-tip steaks prepared and barbecued to perfection by our president Larry Mason, who graciously donated the steaks to this worthy cause. Make sure that you check the TBSA website for photos.


MOON ROCKS PHOTOS: by Chas Moser, Bill Heinemann and Vicki Hepler, and running commentary by Vicki

Day 1, Thursday - The Mason and Mosers, the only rigs in camp so far, awoke to a smattering of hail,

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but Larry and Chas declared that it would definitely not spoil their day, so they rode east to take a look at Pyramid Lake,

1-002c.JPG (117600 bytes)

where they learned about the history of the lake and the importance of the fish ladder,

1-003c.JPG (155590 bytes)

1-004c.JPG (86994 bytes)

and met a few of the local residents.

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